My Tips for wall-mounting Your TV

Installing the TV on the wall is an easy and interesting process that almost everyone will be able to handle. All that is required here is only to fix on the wall a special bracket for four bolts and screw it to a new TV plasma. But in this work, there are some nuances that must be taken into account. When I talk about nuances, I mean exactly those four bolts. After all, if they are screwed into the wrong place on the wall, then your new TV can crash to the floor.

To securely fix the TV on the wall we will be helped by such a small and very useful tool like a wall beam finder. The primary task of such a tool is to find studs that are in the wall. It is on these studs and you need to fix your TV. If you want to fix the TV where there are no studs, then a thin layer of drywall just does not hold it.

wall-mount tv

Depending on the model, the stud finder can detect studs made of wood or metal. Models that cost from $ 20 usually easily detect both materials, best stud finder for plaster walls can also detect plastic pipes and AC wires.

To find the beams in the wall you need to turn on your stud locator and move smoothly along the wall. When the stud sensor detects a stud in the wall, he will give you a signal. So in this place, there is a stud. Now select the desired height and mark where you want to mount the mount for the TV. Be sure to check everything twice, otherwise you risk making extra holes in the wall or at all the TV can fall.

To avoid leaving the ugly wires that go to the TV, be sure to hide them on the wall. Also, I advise you to buy a cable that is always longer than necessary. Excess wires can always be hidden in the wall, but if they are shorter than necessary, then this is already a problem.

In conclusion, I want to tell you that everyone can handle the installation of the TV. Only you need to be patient and be very attentive. Be sure to make sure that the fastening of your TV set is exactly where the beam is located.

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